Primary Care

Primary Care

Primary Care Physicians are managers of an individual’s overall health, instead of specializing in a specific area of medicine. Primary Care Physicians work closely with patients to maintain the patient’s overall health by focusing on preventive care.

Please do not wait until you get sick to choose a Primary Care Physician!

Primary Care Physicians see their patients regularly; looking for symptoms even a patient may not notice himself or herself. In addition, a Primary Care Physician can guide you toward healthy lifestyle habits that may decrease the likelihood that you’ll need expensive specialty care. In most cases, a Primary Care Physician will need to refer you to a specialist should you need one. Primary Care Physicians can educate patients on healthy habits and catch early warning signs that may require further investigation. For example, a routine health exam may uncover conditions such as high blood pressure or even hormonal imbalances due to glandular problems. Health problems like these can go unnoticed by the patient for years resulting in serious chronic health issues. Developing a relationship with your Primary Care Physician can help keep illnesses at bay. Remember the old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

TThe Following LMG Physicians Are Primary Care Physicians:

Richard E. Gratz M.D.

Emma Rubin M.D.

Frank A. Milani M.D.