Serving the greater Scranton, PA Area

Lackawanna Medical Group provides infusion services to GI and non-GI patients in a comfortable and peaceful in-office setting. Infusion therapies are used to treat several acute and complex conditions.

GI infusion therapy uses medication known as biologics, which are designed to inhibit specific triggers in the immune system that fuel inflammation.  This type of treatment can improve the overall quality of life for inflammatory disease patients. We provide Entyvio and Stelara infusion treatments to GI patients.


We also offer Iron replacement infusions.  Iron infusions may be used to treat iron deficiency anemia caused by a variety of medical conditions. Infusion therapy delivers iron directly into your bloodstream. This means you get faster, more effective results than oral treatment.

 You do not have to be a current patient to benefit from our infusion services. Talk to your Primary Care Physician about referring you to Lackawanna Medical Group.

 We look forward to taking care of you.

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